• SESAME Your key, reinvented

  • SESAME Your key, reinvented

  • Less Is More

    When you leave the house,
    you always bring three things: your keys,
    your wallet, and your phone.

    Now your phone is your key!

    Less Is More
  • Fits All Deadbolts

    Fits Almost All Cylinder Deadbolt Locks
    in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark,
    Norway, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia!

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  • Install Sesame in Seconds

    No tools, no screws, no hassle

  • Install Sesame in Seconds

    No tools, no screws, no hassle


Features of SESAMEUnlock

  • Unlock with App

    Turn your smartphone into your key!
    Lock and unlock your door with the Sesame app and enjoy your new keyless life.

  • Unlock with Knock

    Don’t want to take out your phone?
    Keep it in your pocket and knock on your phone to unlock the door!

    *only available for iOS

  • Auto-Unlock &

    Even better, let Sesame automatically unlock the door when you approach and auto-lock behind you to keep you safe.

  • Key

    You’ll still be able to use your original key with Sesame, so feel free to keep it as a backup!

Features of SESAMERemote

  • Wi-Fi Access Point

    With the Wi-Fi Access Point, you’ll be able to connect to your Sesame from anywhere in the world!

  • Remote Access

    Remote access makes it easy to unlock your door for a friend even when you’re out of town on vacation.

Features of SESAMEShare

  • Airbnb

    Simplify the key exchange process.
    Grant access to your guests through the Sesame app!

  • Party

    Throwing a party?
    Allow approved guests to unlock the door and keep out uninvited strangers.

  • Family

    Let trusted family members access you home. No more hiding keys under the mat!

  • Services

    Set up permitted times for services that require access to your door - whether that’s a delivery service, a cleaning service, or dog-walking service.

  • Manager

    Add a trusted friend as a manager and allow them to add and remove guests on your behalf.

Features of SESAMEHistory

  • Log

    Sesame will keep track of actions it takes. Simply open up your app to see who’s been locking and unlocking your door!

  • History

    All of Sesame’s records will remain in the app, so you can always check who accessed your door and when.

  • History

    All of Sesame’s records will remain in the app, so you can always check who accessed your door and when.

  • Access

    Your guests won’t be able to see the log, but you can add trusted friends as managers to share access to the log.

Features of SESAMEAutomation

  • Voice Control

    Link Sesame to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit to control Sesame with your voice.

  • Automation

    With IFTTT, you can link Sesame to over 400 services through applets. Set up your own rules for locking and unlocking, notifications, and more!

  • Amazon

    You can even automate the purchase of replacement batteries when Sesame’s batteries are low.

  • Notifications

    Sesame can notify you through its own app or through social media platforms like Facebook, WeChat, and LINE.

  • Smart Home

    Add Sesame to your smart home setup and have everything exactly the way you want them when you arrive and depart.

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  • Remote Knock

    Remote Knock

    Knock on your phone and the Sesame smart lock will do magic for you.

  • Auto-Unlock & Lock

    Auto-Unlock & Lock

    Have your Sesame smart lock automatically unlock when you get home & lock when you close the door.

  • Share Access

    Share Access

    Grant access to your Sesame smart lock to your friends and revoke access at any time.

  • Long battery life

    Long battery life

    Sesame can run for up to 500 days on a pair of Panasonic CR123A batteries.

  • Key still works

    Key still works

    You can still use your original key to open the door even after you’ve installed your Sesame smart lock.

  • Get Notifications

    Get Notifications

    Receive a notification whenever your door opens or closes.

  • Military Grade Encryption

    Military Grade Encryption

    A “lock” that keeps the bad guys out. That’s why Sesame is AES-256-GCM and TLS 1.2 encrypted. Sorry, bad guys.